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About Me


I went to Rutgers University and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. I started working as a lab technician at a medical device company. Lab coat, gloves and goggles. I worked hard and worked my way up from a lab coat wearing technician to a lab coat wearing engineer. With gloves and goggles. Turns out there was something missing in my life other than working like Mr. White. And that was coding.


It started in the land down under (Australia) when my cousin told me about an "idea". It was an idea for an app, like Uber but not for transportation. So I started this journey on CodeAcademy to help with the app and I. Was. Hooked. That’s when I decided I needed to accelerate my learning. I need my learning curve to hockey-stick (that’s right Silicon Valley lingo right there) and enrolled in the Rutgers Coding Bootcamp.


Learning to code turned into a hobby and slowly took over my life. I find myself looking at sites just to inspire new ideas. I am now working on projects and starting on my own projects as a hobby. I like to work on the backend of websites. Mainly because I love puzzles and the backend feels like a large jigsaw puzzle that is just fun to put together. I also like to work on the frontend with Angular and create features that are useful to the user.



I primarily use
to assemble my work.
is my weapon of choice for the backend along with
is a must to reduce my lines of code and I use
to beautify my pages. I like to use
to create my frontend and single page apps.
is my framework of choice for creating routes and sessions. I use
to handle my
requests or use the many npm packages available for Node. I love
for my version control and
is my text editor of choice.
I have also dabbled with
Ruby on Rails
and began learning
. I've used
as my online development environment and quickly played around with


Trip Chatsmore_vert

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A social trip itinerary. Users are able to create and itinerary and have other users give suggestions on what to do during their trip. I focused on the model layout and how they should be referenced and much of the angular code to be able to add to the database, filter through itineraries, and handle frontend routes.

RU Ratedmore_vert

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RU Ratedclose

This was a project to bring a review/rating site specifically for the Rutgers area. I was in charge of the backend getting the server, routes, database and models set up. I also worked on the frontend code to have reviews saved to the database and also to read from the database.


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A project where I made a rock, paper, scissors game but with a classic video game look. All of this was done using only HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The difficult part of this project was to make the animations of the characters using only CSS and the sprite images.

Daily Briefingmore_vert

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Ever check the weather on one site then check traffic on another and events on yet another site? The Daily Briefing solves this by having all of this in one page for the location you desire. Travelling somewhere and need details away from home? Find out all the details you need just by entering the city.

Clicky Gamemore_vert

Clicky Game

Clicky Gameclose

My first project for class where I learned how to make click events using Javascript. Once I learned about jQuery and events in jQuery, my life changed.

Hobbies and Interests

Coding isn't the only thing I like to do for fun. I also have a passion for motorcycles. I've had my share of bikes from a Ducati Monster 696, to an MV Agusta F3, and a Suzuki DRZ-400 Supermoto. Out of these, the Ducati has the soul, the DRZ had the fun factor, and the MV was just too scary. I like to be hands on when it comes to repairing things like my car or motorcycles. Boxing is my favorite form of exercise. There's nothing like hitting the mits with a trainer and I suggest you give it a try if you have the chance. Tennis would be my favorite sport to play and I also enjoy bowling and rock climbing. I consider myself kind of a thrill seeker but I haven't had the chance to try skydiving, bungee jumping or cliff diving yet. I hope you enjoyed your stay and contact me if anything interests you!

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